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The Cranberry Environmental and Technical Club of Quebec (Le Club Environnemental et Technique Atocas Québec or CETAQ), is dedicated to helping growers win the fight against ravaging pests.

Over the past 20 years, cranberry cultivation has seen an overwhelming boom. With this development of the cranberry industry the need for a technical support group offering help to grower-members became obvious.

The CETAQ was created in 1985 with its first mandate being insect scouting. Over the years we have added advice on fertilization and other environmental issues to the services we offer.

In 2003, organic production began to develop. We are very proud of this aspect of the industry as Quebec is number one worldwide in organic cranberry cultivation.

We must also mention our research and development department which allows us study and resolve various problems unique to cranberry cultivation and thus adopt good agricultural practices.

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