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In Quebec, the cranberry industry has seen stunning expansion, particularly over the course of the past decade. In 1992, there were three producers cultivating 264 acres of cranberrieswhereas at the end of 2009 the industry claimed 66 producers cultivating a surface area of 4,355 acres. This indicates important activity in agribusiness which contributes to economic vitality in many municipalities and maintains hundreds of jobs in addition to contributing to the influence of Quebec expertise throughout Canada and in the global market.

In terms of cultivated acreage Quebec falls third world-wide; however this is still far behind the state of Wisconsin in the United States where 17,700 acres are designated to cranberry cultivation. Massachusetts falls into second place with its 13,000 cultivated acres while in Quebec there is a total area of 6,242 acres dedicated to cranberry production as of 2009.

In 1997, some growers became interested in organic production given the limited need for fertilizers and the low-oppression of ravaging pests in our climate. Today, organic production accounts for 15% of the area allotted to cranberries in Quebec and 15 producers have adopted this method of growth. Quebec is the number one producer of organic cranberries world-wide.

Cranberry industry statistics

  • Between 1999 and 2009, Quebec averaged an annual growth-rate of 6% in cranberry production
  • Between 2005 and 2009 there was average growth of nearly 29% in the volume of organic cranberries harvested, reaching a total of 11 million pounds
  • One employment is created for every 10 hectares of cultivated acreage
  • 300 jobs (permanent and seasonal) have been made possible by cranberry farms
  • $200,000,000 has been invested in cranberry cultivation since 1992 (transformation)
  • Quebec production plants transform nearly 2/3 of the Quebec harvest
  • These transformation plants employ approximately 300 employees, both permanent and temporary
  • 95% of transformed cranberries are exported to over 25 countries worldwide, most notably the United States
  • 80% of cranberry growers in the province of Quebec are situated in the Centre-du -Québec region.

In January 2010, Ms. Isabelle Poirier, agronome for the MAPAQ presented a « Portrait of the Cranberry Industry in Quebec » during the event «INPACQ Cranberry 2010 », which will give you more information.

pdf_button Portrait of the Cranberry Industry in Québec



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