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Cranberry Workers

Various laws outline employment conditions within an agricultural business or other entreprise. Here, we mention two main laws to which employers must conform. However, this section in no means pretends to cover the entire subject of dealing with the labour force.

Labour Standards

As an employer in Quebec, you are subject to the Quebec Labour Standards law which encompasses work conditions within your cranberry operation. This law prescribes the duration of the work, minimum wage, annual vacation and holidays, break times and employee absence. 

To see the law in its entirety 
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To visit the Quebec Commission for Work Standards, Equity, Health and Safety (CNESST) website
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Quebec Commission for Work Standards, Equity, Health and Safety (CNESST) 

As operator of a cranberry operation in Quebec with at least one employee, full time or not, including independent contractors considered as workers, you must register with the CNESST as an employer.

For more information concerning the CNESST
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Are you looking for seasonal employees?

Here are a few organizations who may be able to help:


A.R.I.M.É inc. / Valéria Voyages inc.
2013 route Kennedy
Saint-Isidore, Quebec  G0S 2S0
Phone: 581-318-2057
Contact Person: Martin Méthot
Contact Person: Valéria Haedo



9150, boulevard de l’Acadie, office 210
Montréal, Quebec  H4N 2T2
Phone: 514 387-8816 poste 256
1035, avenue Wilfrid-Pelletier, office 400
Québec, Quebec  G1W 0C5
Phone: 418 931-2997
Contact Person: Chrystian Couture, Coordonateur et service à la clientèle :
Phone (Montréal et Québec): 1 855 387-8816
Fax: 514 387-3299


Agricultural Employment Centre / Centre d’emploi agricole de la Fédération de l’UPA du Centre-du-Québec
1940 rue des Pins
Nicolet, Quebec J3T 1Z9
Contact Person: Marie-Pierre Lemire, CRHA, human resources advisor
Phone: 819-519-5838, ext. 177
Contact Person: Maxime Sauvageau, CRHA, human resources advisor
Phone: 819-519-5838, ext. 178


Other organizations also offer employee recruitment services. At the present time, however, we were unable to identify other reliable sources.