Other Services

A.R.I.M.É inc. / Valéria Voyages inc.
385, Avenue Saint-Charles
Sainte-Marie (Québec)  G6E 4C3
Phone: 581 318-2057
Contact Person: Martin Méthot
Contact Person: Valéria Haedo
Extermination Bestia inc.
14, Boul. Arthabaska Est
Victoriaville (Québec)  G6T 2V8
Tél. : 819 751-2120
Personne-ressource : Hugues Lafebvre
Couriel :
Les Ruchers D et D inc
71, rue des Ancolies
L'Ile Perrot (Québec)  J7V 9L6
Tél. : 514-298-7937
Personne-ressource : Dorian Danila
Courriel :
cranberry pollination service
Mazgo Solutions inc.
2-1785, rue Lalemant
Drummondville (Québec)  J2B 5C3
Tél. : 819 818-6584
Site Web :
Personne-ressource : Yull German Gomez Sosa
Courriel :
 Pronature Sports inc.
305, route 116 Ouest
Plessisville (Québec)  G6L 2Y2
Tél. : 819 362-8383
Site Web :
Personne-ressource : Vicky Bellemare
Courriel :
 Outdoor, Hunting and Fishing Store
VIVACO groupe coopératif
5, avenue Pie X
Victoriaville (Québec)  G6P 4R8
Phone: 819 758-4770 poste 641
Fax: 819 758-4030
Contact Person: Dominique Patry
VIVACO, as it is known today, was founded in 2015 following a series of agricultural cooperative fusions. Specializing first in agriculture, equipment, renovation, service stations and grocery stores, the company later added mechanical maintenance and repair services to its offering. In over 42 establishments across Quebec, VIVACO owns various subsidiaries and co-ventures such as Sel Warwick, Tôle Vigneault Tin, Fertilec and Eddynet, etc.