logo-cec-certification-apcqCertification: Certified Enviro Cranberry (CEC) for fruit production & handling

Quebec benefits from exceptional climatic and geological conditions. These conditions favor cranberry production with respect to the environment and individuals. In 2012, the Quebec Cranberry Growers Association (APCQ) established the Certified Enviro Cranberry (CEC) certification program in order to encourage and showcase cranberries grown according to the highest environmental standards. This initiative was made possible thanks to the financial participation of the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ).


Feature: Structured Procedures

The respect of stringent standards in terms of environmental management, food-safety and traceability characterizes the production of certified cranberries. Business commitment, employee training and independent third-party certification are fundamental elements of the code book specifications. Theses characteristics define the cranberry industry certification process.

Code Book Specifications

Certification is evidence of good environmental management, food safety practices and the establishment of a complete traceability system. A commitment on the part of business management, including employee training in the development of certified products, represents an important element of specification.

In regards to managing crop enemies, Integrated Pest Management, precise treatments and supervision by competent professionals guarantee optimal control.

The approach to water and soil management must promote a respectful use of these elements. Implementing measures to limit leaching and soil erosion and applying techniques to support optimal water quality before its return into the environment ensure respect for these essential life-giving elements.

Managing certain aspects in an eco-responsible fashion encourages a responsible approach.

Concerning food safety management measures, every link in the production chain of cranberry cultivation and handling is carefully analyzed to ensure established standards are respected.


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Registration for Cranberry Farms

Implementing the CEC certification among businesses is both simple and rigorous. You have until May 1st to register for CEC certification for 2019.

Complete the form 3.2 Formulaire - Demande de certification to request certification and return it to info@notrecanneberge.com.


Certified Businesses

An independent control organization periodically verifies compliance of code book specification requirements and when possible, issues a certificate of conformity. The certification is the property of the APCQ and the standards and specifications are reviewed annually.

The certification addresses cranberry growers, packing companies and cranberry handlers. Certification is valid for a period of two (2) years. However, growers must continue to prove compliance at all times. The CEC is also available for New Brunswick growers.