Chefs & Cranberries

The APCQ is proud of its ‘Chefs & Cranberries’ campaign and has requested that chefs from various renown institutions in Montreal and Quebec City create new, seasonal recipes to enrich your recipe bank.

Chocolate Cranberry Squares
Cranberry drizzle cheesecake in a glass
Cranberry Maple Vinaigrette over Melted Brie
Cranberry Pork Burger
Cranberry Apple Sauce
Valentine's Day
Valentine Card
Cocktail garnish
Beautiful food
Gift wrapping
Table decoration
Santa Claus
Chocolate Cranberry Log
White Paw - Cranberry Cocktail
Puff Pastry with Goat Cheese and Hazelnut Cranberries
Cranberry Spring morning
Cranberry Enchanted Punch
Cranberry Frost Garden
Cranberry Cream Puffs
Horribles recettes à la canneberge pour l'Halloween
Pumpkin Cranberry Fritters
Cubed Chestnut Goose with Cranberries in Bourguignon
Cranberry Blossom
Roasted Délicata Squash, Freshly Basted cheese and Buckwheat Honey Cranberry Purée
Summer Vegetable Pie, Fresh Ginger Cranberry Ketchup
Salmon Cutlets Marinated with Fir Buds and Cranberry Sauce
Cranberry Ice Pops
Cranberry Floating Islands
Chocolate Cranberry Bun
Stuffed Cabbage with Veal, Dried Cranberries and Sage
Bitter Salad with Pears, Caramelized Walnuts and Extra Cranberries
Char Tartar with Cranberry Vinaigrette
Skate Wing Terrine with Citrus and Dried Cranberries
Seared Tuna, Sweet & Sour Sauce with Spices & Cranberry
Rutabaga Salad with Maple Apples and Dried Cranberries
Maple Cranberry Clafouti
Cranberry Fairy Tea
Wild Turkey Thigh Ballotines with Cranberries
Maple Cranberry muffins
Apple butter with cranberries
Homemade whole cranberry sauce
Maple Butter with Cranberries
Onion cranberry jam with Porto
Braised pork belly with sage, bursts of potato and crudité of squash and dried cranberry
Cranberry complete breakfast smoothie
Broccoli and cranberry salad
Cape Cod Cranberry Bread
Spiced apple sauce with cranberries
 Cranberry Spice Cake
Cranberry Pear Pie
Cranberry Rhubarb Pie
Spiced cranberry orange sorbet
Wild rice with caramelized onion and cranberries
Salad with squash, cranberries and walnuts
Couscous salad with cranberries
Cranberry Pemmican
Choco-cranberry Mounds
Medallions of pork with cranberry sauce and porto
Hot Brie
Acorn Squash & Cranberry soup
Cranberry and pumpkin seed granola
Rabbit Stew with Cranberries
Chocolate Cranberry Bread
Cranberry upside-down cake & white chocolate coulis
Cranberry, Honey and Chèbrie Confit Goose Baluchon
Duck legs with orange and cranberries
Roast pork with pears and cranberries
Half-smoked organic salmon served on cranberry marmalade
Wellington beef
Tuna and Cranberry Sandwich
Scallop Tartar with Dried Cranberries
Pink pepper & cranberry beef tenderloin
Spicy Turkey Quesadillas and Cranberrie
Brie and Cranberry Pizza
Cucumbers stuffed with goat cheese, cranberries and smoked trout
Lamb chops and salsa with pears, kiwi and dried cranberries
Labrador Ice Tea with Cranberries
Ceviche Scallops with fresh cranberries
Cranberry & Mushroom Cavatelli
Cranberry Pistachio Clusters
Sparkling Cranberry Kir
Cranberry Summer Breeze
White Cosmopolitan
Chocolate cream with seared Cranberries, maple syrup & cardamom
3-step Cranberry Cheesecake
Carrot cake with dried cranberries and cream cheese cream
Tropical Fruit Drink
Christmas Cranberry Punch
Cranberry Refreshment
Cranberry & rosemary stuffed poultry ballotine iced with maple
Layer Cake with Cranberry Puree, White Chocolate & Almonds
Beef Tartare with dried cranberries & Jelly
Salmon Gravlax cranberry spread with cream cheese, cranberry sauce & wild honey
Chicken Cranberry Galantine
Pepper & dried cranberry piperade
Cranberry & Honey Cocktail
Cranberry Caramel cream
Nordic Salmon Trout & Cranberry Gravlax
Roasted Guinea Fowl in Butternut Squash with Stewed Portobellos, Cranberries & Ricotta
Coffee Cake with dried cranberries & orange zest
White Turkey Pudding with Cranberries
Cranberry Pastry Treats (banh patê sô)
Spring Rolls
Cranberry Bruschetta